David M. Hunt Library Strategic Plan

The D.M. Hunt Library is a welcoming, accessible place where everyone in our community can be inspired, empowered, and engaged. While honoring our past, we prepare for the future by providing a doorway to a wide array of knowledge, experience, and ideas.

Libraries Without Borders Community Assessment

The David M. Hunt Community Assessment Review, conducted by the non-profit Libraries Without Borders, is a comprehensive examination of the data collected in, around, and in relation to Canaan, Connecticut. It supports a detailed understanding of the town, its surrounding areas, and the library’s role within the community.

Through interviews, community member conversations, surveys, focus groups, and group discussions, LWB collected and compiled extensive data. This, paired with existing data about the library and its surrounding community, supports an overall understanding of the library’s
relationship within the community.

The purpose of the David M. Hunt Community Assessment Review is to detail the data collection and analysis processes and outline opportunities for the library to expand its reach to underserved population subgroups.