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Join Darlene Kascak (Schaghticoke Tribal Nation) from The Institute for American Indian Studies at the David M. Hunt Library on Wednesday, November 22nd at 1 pm for an interactive presentation on the 12,000-year history of Quinnetukut’s Indigenous people. Hear history come alive from oral traditions, and stories passed down and preserved from generation to generation. Darlene, the Education Director at IAIS and Traditional Native American Storyteller, will share various visual and tactile resources to guide the discussion about how Eastern Woodlands Natives have adapted to their changing environment.

With hands-on activities, you will learn the importance of working together for the sake of the community, innovation through knowledge of natural resources, and how that knowledge can benefit everyone today. Listen to the stories that explain the great mysteries of life that teach about love, being a good human being, and our kinship with all living beings. IAIS will bring animal furs, replicated artifacts, organic instruments, and more contemporary items for an interactive and educational experience for all age groups.

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