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On Saturday December 9 from 5 to 7 PM, the David M. Hunt Library in Falls Village (CT) will host the twelfth edition of 12X12, its annual art exhibition and sale which features over 60 artists this year.  All works in the exhibition measure 12X12 inches and are priced at $150 each.  Purchased works can be taken at the reception on December 9 and remaining works will be on display through January 12, 2024. A portion of each sale benefits the library.  For more information call the library at 860-824-7424 or visit huntlibrary.org/art-wall.

Artists participating in 12X12 are Marsha Altemus, Lori Barker, Pamela Berkeley, Janet Andre Block, John Brett, Elizabeth Buttler, Dom Caiati, Mary Anne Carley, Robert Cronin, David Crum, Karen Culbreth, Sarah Davis, Amelia de Neergaard, Catherine de Neergaard,  Patricia Decker, Bonnie Evans, Sergei Fedorjaczenko, Zoe Fedorjaczenko, Emily Fuller, Jill Gibbons, Ruth Giumarro, Breetel Graves, Susan Hennelly, John Hodgson, Shaari Horowitz, Millree Hughes, Joey Jablonski, Debby Jones, Peggy Kauffman, Cherie Kennedy, Sallie Ketcham, Christine Koneazney Stafford, Jon Kopita, Jonathan Lally,  Pieter Lefferts, Terre Lefferts, Joan Macfarlane, Danielle Mailer, Louise March, Sarah Martinez, Randy McKee, Roger McKee, Nina McKitty, Terri Moore, David Noonan, Robert Andrew Parker, Mary Perotti, Sam Posey, Bernie Re, Robin Roraback, Yonah Sadeh, Diane Schapira, Joel Schapira, Gayle Shanley, Kate Stiassni, Tilly Strauss, Carol Timolat, Justine Valla, Victor Valla, Hilary VanWright, Hannah Wheeler, Lilly Woodworth, and Nancy Zarider.

David M. Hunt Library, established in 1889, is a 501(c)3 organization serving the Town of Canaan (Falls Village) and surrounding communities.

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