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The David M. Hunt Library in Falls Village will present its ninth annual year-end flash art exhibition, 12X12, on Saturday, December 7 with a reception with refreshments from 4PM to 6PM.  12X12 features over 100 original artworks by over 75 artists, all in a 12” x 12” format, priced at $100 each.  A portion of all art sales benefits the Library.  Artworks may be taken upon purchase.  Remaining art will be on display through January 4.  For more information call 860-824-7424 or visit huntlibrary.org.  David M. Hunt Library, 63 Main Street, Falls Village, CT 06031.  Hours: Tues & Thurs 10-5, Fri 3-7, Sat 10-1, Sun 11-2.

12X12 is presented as a uniform grid on the Hunt Artwall creating a salon-style exhibition with all manner of genre and media displayed side by side.  The artists declared at press time are John Atchley, Katie Atkinson, Lori Barker, Megan Berk, Pamela Berkeley, Janet Andre Block, Don Bracken, Virginia Bradley, John Brett, Elizabeth Buttler, Mary Anne Carley, Kane Clawson, Erika Crofut, Robert Cronin, Karen Culbreth, John Dildine, Andy Doherty, Sergei Fedorjaczenko, Zoe Fedorjaczenko, Israel Fitch, Maskai Fujitani, Emily Rutgers Fuller, Michael Gellatly, Richard Griggs, L. Hayes, Susan Hennelley, John Hodgson, Shaari Horowitz, Michelle Iglesias, Joey Jablonski, Caitlin Jenkins, Amanda Kauftheil, Sallie Ketcham, Norma Kimmel, Christine Koneazney, Michael Lampro, Pieter Lefferts, Mark Liebergall, Jack Limpert, Jason Losh, Danielle Mailer, Chris Malcomson, Steve Malley, Louise March, Sarah Martinez, Randy McKee, Roger McKee, Patricia Medvecky, Lonnie Miles, Hope Mongeau, Ken Musselman, Charles Noyes, Robert Andrew Parker, Mary Perotti, Sybil M. Perry, Bernie Re, Rena, Sandy Rhoades, Robin Roraback, Jacob Ross, Diane Schapira, Joel Schapira, Daniel Stalter, Sanford Stalter, Tilly Strauss, Jude Streng, Casey Swift, Carol Timolat, Darby M. Townsend, Vali Valenti, Justine Valla,  Victor Valla, Max Wagenberg, Craig Wickwire, Kathy Wismar, Lilly Woodworth, and Judith Wyer.