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In July and August, the David M. Hunt Library in Falls Village (CT) will present “A Place at the Table” featuring the paintings of Terry Wise and Judith Wyer. The exhibition showcases the artists’ still-life work focused on the table, whether full settings with vintage plates and teacups, or intimate arrangements of flowers, vases, and other household items.  A reception with refreshments will be held on Saturday July 22, from 4 to 6 p.m.  The exhibition will be on display at the library during operating hours through August 18.  63 Main Street, Falls Village, 860-824-7424, huntlibrary.org/art-wall.

For Judith Wyer, making a painting is a journey with an unknown destination. In her words, “My work often begins with a photograph of a captivating image, a fleeting moment of everyday existence.  From this I begin the process of developing the narrative which most often requires numerous edits and lengthy periods of just looking at the work and not touching it.  This can take years.  The work and I grow together, which hopefully yields a provocative and intimate elucidation of the human condition.  In fact, I never consider a piece finished.  The words of Diego Velazquez continue to guide me, ‘Es Verdad, No Pintura’.”

Terry Wise is an artist who has always been drawn toward still-life subject matter, and especially to the mid-twentieth century realist painters who employed simplified forms and varying viewpoints in a single painting.  The artist said that she “enjoy(s) bringing rich colors and textile surfaces into my paintings, prints, and collages.  With a strong maternal line and influence, the domestic setting and ideas of home are standard in my work.  Repeat patterns of textiles, often relief printed, can play a part in my compositions…plates and chairs stand in for family or community members in all their variety, personalities, and relations to one another.”

To learn more about the artists, visit terrywisestudio.com and judithwyerart.com.

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