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Reception: Saturday May 13, 4PM-6PM

On display through Friday June 9, 2023

David M. Hunt Library, 63 Main Street, Falls Village, CT 06031

860-824-7424, www.huntlibrary.org

Hours: Tues & Thurs 10-5, Fri 3-7, Sat 10-1


In May, the David M. Hunt Library in Falls Village, Connecticut will host an exhibition of artworks by Lakeville and Brooklyn based couple, Millree Hughes and Sarah Davis.

Welshman Millree Hughes’ work has always been about the relationship between technology and nature, whether it takes the form of glitch video-stills or watercolours. Sarah Davis was raised in Sharon, Connecticut. Her watercolours and pastels reflect her deep attachment to the region’s landscape.

Opening with a reception for the artists on Saturday, May 13th, from 4PM to 6PM, the exhibition will remain on display through Friday, June 9. Sales proceeds benefit the artists and Hunt Library.  For more information, call the library at 860-824-7424 or visit huntlibrary.org/art-wall.  63 Main Street, Falls Village, CT 06031. Hours: Tues & Thurs 10-5, Fri 3-7, Sat 10-1.

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