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In honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day on Friday, January 27 at 4 pm , the David Hunt Library will offer a presentation by Carol Ascher, whose parents escaped Nazi Europe. Ascher will combine personal remembrance of growing up amidst the grieving for lost relatives, a lost language, and countries they never wanted to see again, with a history of the systemic murder of over six million Jews, or roughly two-thirds of Europe’s Jewish population, between 1941 and1945.  While to many, the holocaust means those who died in, or survived concentration camps, Ascher argues for remembering the wider story, encompassing the massive extermination and relocation of European Jewry. Carol Ascher is the author of eight books, including “Afterimages: A Family Memoir,” which describes her search to understand her parents’ life before and during the Nazis, and “A Chance for Land and Fresh Air” about the history of Russian Jewish immigrants in Sharon, CT and Amenia, NY. She lives in Sharon, CT.

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