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On Sunday, April 25 at 2PM, the David M. Hunt Library in Falls Village will host the interactive Zoom event, Preserving the Harvest the Traditional Way, a class on Lacto-Fermentation with Adamah Farm and Carly Sugar.  Explore the science, culture, and history of the oldest method of food preservation, while pickling up a batch of goodness in your own kitchen.

This is an interactive pickling workshop, where you will gain the knowledge and confidence to ferment vegetables at home!  Explore the science, culture, and history of the oldest method of food preservation.  You can follow along and make a batch of pickled vegetables while you watch or you can view it simply as a demonstration.
Gather the materials below.
Materials needed:
– vegetables to pickle, such as cabbage, root vegetables like carrots, cucumbers (fresh, firm, & without many blemishes) or string beans
– non-iodized salt like Kosher or sea salt
– clean mason jars (sterilization is not needed)
– fermentation weights or small ziptop plastic bags
– knife, vegetable peeler, cutting board, mixing bowl
– optional flavorings like fresh dill, garlic, coriander seed, hot peppers or black pepper seed

Carly Sugar, Fellowship Director at Adamah Farm, is a passionate and knowledgeable food grower, preserver, and educator.  Over her years of pickling work, she has experimented with fermenting veggies, beverages, breads, and dairy products.   Adamah Farm is a diversified, organic vegetable farm that also sells value-added products like sauerkraut, kimchi, jams, and maple syrup.  Learn more at Adamah.org.


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