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From March 16 through May 3, the David M. Hunt Library in Falls Village (CT) will host an exhibition of early 20th century photography from the Falls Village-Canaan Historical Society. “From the Great Falls to the Hilltops” allows a vivid peek into the past of Falls Village’s people and places.

Featuring newly printed and framed photographs from glass slide and silver nitrate film negatives, the exhibition includes images that grab the viewer’s attention: two women with a dog on Prospect Mountain with a full view of Canaan Mountain in the background; several women lounging at the Great Falls in August 1902 wearing black wool dresses; two men with fiddle and banjo; a jaunty black man, wearing a bowler, posing with a bicycle; an enigmatic hazy figure with hat and coat standing on a rock centered in front of the wide expanse of Great Falls; and a teacher with her students at the Beebe Hill Schoolhouse.

Garth Kobal, the organizer of the exhibition, said, “When I first saw these images in 2018, they stopped me in my tracks. I immediately decided to make sure that Falls Village sees these photos of our neighbors from over 100 years ago.”

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