Call for art for the Hunt’s 12×12 Flash Art Show!

The David M. Hunt Library Art Wall in Falls Village, CT invites the public to participate in the 7th year of our annual year-end group flash art exhibit, 12X12 2017. To participate with your art, contact the Hunt Art Wall committee by Friday, Oct 27 at 860-824-7572 or email at

Inclusive of professional and talented non-professional artists, 12X12 2017 will have a reception on Saturday, Dec 9, 5-7PM. All works will be sold at $100 each, and can be taken home by the buyer. Works in reserve will replace those that walk. Remaining works will be on display through December 30. A portion of each sale benefits the library.

All work, including any framing (optional), should maintain 12” W X 12” H dimensions. To achieve symmetry of hanging, we request that works include hanging hardware affixed exactly two inches below the top of the backing of your piece. Works on paper can be free of hanging material with the understanding that they will be installed with clips by our staff.

All artworks must be delivered to the library during operating hours at Fri, Dec 1.

We will make all attempts to accommodate up to three works per artist, but with limited space, we reserve the right to choose from among the works you deliver. We reserve the right to exclude works not appropriate for a public space.

All work will be offered for sale at $100 per work. Proceeds may be split 50/50 between artist and library or the artist may gift the work outright for the full benefit of the Hunt Library. For 50/50 sales, artists will be paid directly by the buyers while the artist agrees to remit a donation to the library equaling 50% of overall sales.